Automatic settings

You can set the account for your client
justwith a few clicks without any
time-consuming calculations.
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Nutrition and exercise plans

Check daily whether the client follows
nutrition and exercise plans. Watch his
progress from anywhere
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Perfect overview

"Tailor –made" exercise and nutrition plans
can be created directly in the
client´s account.
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How can fitness trainers use fitmee?
Look at the videos where you can see how easily and quickly fitmee can be used
switching between clients through
trainer‘s account
setting the application
for clients in an easy wayi
quick checking of client´s
nutrition plan evidence
tracking maximal progress
of the client

Fitmee is available for iPhone and android for personal trainers

Performance of your clients in the gym can be written directly to clients‘ accounts. You can watch how they have improved in comparison with previous exercises.

For personal trainers, fitmee is for free

Every day, fitmee helps hundreds of personal trainers to facilitate their work with managing nutrition and exercise plans of their clients. Every personal trainer can use fitmee for free - suffice is to have at least one paying client.

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