Food diary

Getting your dream body in a reasonable time span is not dependent on drugs or magic food
supplements. All that you need is a conscientious approach to healthy diet and keeping track of it
throughout the day. Nutrition is the key factor of the success or failure of your long-term efforts.

Effective diet plans

Stop improvising and revealing what has already been discovered! Focus on the tried and tested diet plans, which bring about instant results.

Healthier diet

All the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals should come from high-quality foods, and you should follow all the guidelines of the recommended daily intake.

A few minutes a day

Diet is the most important constituent of success and keeping track of it will only take up a couple of minutes of your time. Do not leave your strength progress and muscle building to chance!

Training log

When it comes to exercising, many people fail to reach their goals. The problem may lie in improper,
stereotypical workouts, or the number of exercise sets. Training log will help you determine the start of an
approaching plateau, remind you when alternation is needed, and thus motivate you towards reaching better results.

Beat Stagnation!

The more you keep track of your workouts, the more you evolve. If needed, you know what you need to change and so overcome any stagnation you may experience.

Easy to use

You can achieve the desired amount of muscle mass and minimum subcutaneous fat by a conscientious approach to the right and healthy diet.

Motivation towards better results

Power up the driving engine within you and achieve all the goals you have desired! Your inner strength and motivation is your best sparring partner.

Maximum workout progress

Why are some athletes stronger and bigger? Why do they achieve resultsfaster? Forget the genetics
or illegal bodybuilding supplements! All you need is high-quality foods, rigorous and systematic workout
routines and a thorough understanding of your body. Become your own master and achieve unparalleled results.

Maximum strenght progress

In order to progress, it is necessary to alter the training routine, the weight you lift and the number of sets regularly. Keep track of your workouts and recognize when the time for change has come.

Weight change

If you keep track of the shifts in your body weight, you will see what kind of diet and exercise helps you gain muscle mass and burn subcutaneous fat.

Compare through pictures

A good way of observing your body transformation is to compare your before and after pictures. You will see whether you have gained muscle or shed some fat weight.

Food diary

A well-kept food diary will show you the
right way to achieving your dreamt-of body
in the shortest time possible.
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Training log

Day to day records of your workouts
will help you determine your level of
efficiency and prevent hitting plateaus.
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Workout progress

Progress does not come easily. Three
components need to be integrated into our
lives, and we need to follow their guidelines.
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Have control over your food, fluid and vitamin intake. At all times!

Do you provide your body with nutrition from high-quality food? Are you progressing in gaining muscle mass and burning fat?

Nutrition values graph

To make your goals achievable as easily as
possible, the graphs in this app will show
you your daily intake of protein,
carbohydrates, fats, and calories.


The food that you add is saved into a
particular meal time categories (breakfast,
lunch, dinner ...) and added through the My
food list or Open food list section.


Fluids are vital for all the processes taking
place in human body. It is therefore
necessary to have sufficient control over
your fluid intake.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for a
proper muscle growth, increase of strength
and improvement of immune system,
ensuring your performance progress.

Take down your statistics and observe your strength progress

Overcome plateaus and achieve constant maximum strength progress. Find out when a change in exercises is necessary and
improve your muscle development. Do not miss this opportunity and get ready for increasingly rigorous and effective trainings.

Progress graph

Interested in exercising effectively and
increasing your maximum strength? Track
your workout results regularly and the
graph will be your guide.

Personal training plans

Have you been working out for some time
now? Do you have a set of your favorite
exercises? Create your own training plan
according to your preferences.

System workouts

You can try out the training plans
developed by our fitness trainers. Just
choose a workout routine from the list and
activate it by a click of a button.

Accomplishments comparison

Compare the accomplishments of your
chosen training plan. Find out by how much
your strength has increased and aim for
increasingly greater strength challenges.

Observe the changes through photos & body measurements stats

Intensive training and high-quality foods bring about the desired progress. Get to know your body from an even closer perspective.
Observe your progress through pictures, body measurements and graphs, which show real results.

Photo gallery

Create photo albums and observe your
muscle gain and subcutaneous fat burning
progress. Look at the pictures, compare,
and evaluate the shape you are in!

Weight graph

Bulking up or getting shredded? How does
your weight change according to the shifts
in your calorie intake? Keep track of your
weight and get a perfect overview.

Body measurements

Weight loss need not indicate progress.
You can gain muscle mass and lose fat, and
weigh the same. Keep track of your body
measurements and evaluate your progress.

Important calculations

Counting calories using complex formula is
now over. Just set up the basic information
and your calorie requirement will always be

You can keep track of what is going on via our mobile website.

Take down the statistics of your workouts, consumed foods, and fluid intake everywhere you are via
our mobile website, which is now being touched up and will soon be launched.
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Nutrition log

Make a complete list of what that you have consumed
and get information about nutrition values and calorie
count via your phone.

Foods and ingredients

To gain muscle mass and burn fat, you need a
sufficient intake of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
Keeping track of your diet is easy now.


Human body needs a daylong supply of water. Mobile
website is now here, making it easy for you to keep
track of your fluid intake.

Training log

Have your workout routine under control. Keep
track of your trainings throughout the week. Take
down your accomplishments starting today!

Performance tracking

There is now no need for you to bring pen and paper
into your fitness center. You can track your
performance fast and easily via your mobile phone.

Weight tracking

Keep track of how your weight changes and get a
perfect overview of your progress. Make the tracking
faster and easier using your phone.

Are you ready to kickstart your way to new and faster-achieved results?


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